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Replacement Porch

Sunny and mild


An Oddly Normalish Day

Upriver to Tambopata Research Center

To the Amazon

Sacred Valley


Puno to Cusco

Lake Titicaca

Lima to Puno

Walking Japan

Pictures from Sun May 26, 2019

Bow Willow and Rockhouse Canyon Wildflowers

Full Day in Florence

Day 18 Embd

Day 17 Europaweg

Day 16, Zermatt and the Gornergrat and the Matterhorn

Day 15, to Graechen

Day 14, the Torrenthorn

Day 13, wine walking in Sierre

Day 12, to Zinal

Day 11, to Cabane Moiry

Day 8, to Cabane Dix

Day 7, to Leukerbad

Day 6, to Cabane Louvie

Day 5, St Bernard Pass

Day 4, to Orsieres

Day 3, to Hotel de la Forclaz

Day 2, Geneva to Auberge la Boerne

Tahquitz Lookout Hike

Memorial Day hike in the Lagunas


Hampi, Part 2

Hampi, Part 1

The Nonveg Function

India, first days

Roaming around Eastern Washington

Rakiura Track

Kepler Track

Milford Track

Routeburn Track

Visiting Oaxaca

Whale Peak hike

PDX Marathon

GR20 Day 13, to Conca

GR20 Day 12

GR20 Day 11

GR20 Day 10

GR20 Day 9

GR20 Hiatus

GR20 Day 8

GR20 Day 7

GR20 Day 6

GR20 Day 5

GR20 Day 4 - Over Monte Cinto

GR20 day 3, to Haut Asco

GR20 Day 2: Along the spikey crest

GR20 Day 1: Up into the clouds

To Corsica and the start of the GR20

Around London

To London

Marathon training

Orangutans and sunbears

Last hike and out

River walk, canopy walk

Clearwater Cave

Deer Cave, Mulu NP

To Mulu, finally


To Manila

Balboa Park Wildflower Walk

Perito Moreno Glacier

To Calafate

Cerro Torre

Hike to Fitz Roy

To Argentina

Around Puerto Natales

Cuernos to Chileno, or not

To Refugio Cuernos

To Paine Grande

Up and over Paso John Gardner

Refugio Dickson to Camping Los Perros

To Refugio Dickson

Really to Torres del Paine

To Punta Arenas


PCT Final Gear List


Hanakāpāiʻai Falls Hike along the Na Pali coast

Kilohana Lookout Hike through the Alakai Swamp

Santa Ysabel East preserve

PCT Gear: Loose Inside My Pack

PCT Gear: Camp Gear

PCT Gear: The Big Four

PCT Mileage

Hiking up Monument Peak

Around Almaty

To Almaty

Abu Dhabi

Back to SF for the moment

PCT Gear: Water

Done with the PCT

Borderlands of the Pasayten

Beyond the last road in America

Hot and smokin' north of Rainy Pass

To Rainy Pass


To Chelan

PCT Gear--Clothing

Into the woods (and back out)

Into Stevens Pass and Skykomish

To Deception Lake

To the Waptus River

Into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Hike up Mt Ellinor, with goats

Across the Siskiyous, Day 2

Beyond Seiad Valley

Fantastic Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains

To Etna

Russian Wilderness

Trinity Alps Wilderness

West of Weed

A great scenic day on the trail

A July reset

At Home for the 4th of July

To Burney

Hat Creek Rim

To Old Station

Through Lassen Volcanic National Park

Towards Lassen

Into Chester, out of the Sierras

Hot and happy through Bucks Lake

Cranky and hot with a refreshing ending

Another pleasant day on the PCT

Into Sierra City

So many wildflowers

Past Truckee

Last gasp at 9000 feet

Into the UnDesolation Wilderness

Over Carson Pass to a Tahoe View

Past Ebbets Pass and Highway 4

To Asa Lake

North of Sonora Pass

To Sonora Pass in the drizzle

Leaving Yosemite

Across northern Yosemite

To Miller Lake

Tuolumne Meadows

Towards Tuolumne Meadows

Up and over easy Selden Pass

Over Muir Pass to Piaute Creek

To Below Muir Pass

To Below Mather Pass

To Woods Creek below Pinchot Pass

To Glen Pass

Back on the trail, summer is here!

Rejoining the PCT where?

Kumano Kodo Day 5

Kumano Kodo Day 4

Kumano Kodo Day 3

Kumano Kodo Day 2

Kumano Kodo Day 1

Walking a different path, the Kumano Kodo

Photo workflow on the PCT

Back to base

To Wrightwood in the blowing fog

Up from Cajon Pass

Back on the trail

A PCT Hiatus

Over Forester Pass

To the base of Forester Pass

The High Sierra

Bonus post: Cottonwood Pass

Higher into the Sierra

Beautiful Day

Cold and bleak

Lessons learned to Kennedy Meadows

Zero in Kennedy Meadows

Into Kennedy Meadows

Through the thunderclouds

Jaunting towards Kennedy Meadows

Zero in Lake Isabella

Finishing Section F

Humping through the Mojave

To Landers Camp

To Hamp Williams Pass

North of Tehachapi

T'pi Zero

Up and over to Tehachapi

Rock Inn to the Mojave

Hello hippie daycare

Through Agua Dulce

PCT Days 21, 22, 23: Zero Plus Three

PCT Day 20, zero(s) in San Diego

The Weather: A Change in Plans

PCT Day 19: To Cajon Pass

PCT Day 18: Past Deep Creek to Mojave Dam

PCT Day 17: To Deep Creek

PCT Day 16, to Cougar Crest

PCT Day 15: Across the mountains to Big Bear

PCT Day 14: Up Mission Creek, into the forest

PCT Day 13: To Mission Creek

PCT Day 12: Palm Springs Zero

PCT Day 11, To Cabazon and I-10

PCT Day 10, To Fuller Ridge

PCT Day 9, Paradise Cafe and Idyllwild

PCT Day 8, Towards Paradise Cafe

PCT Day 7, Up Agua Caliente Creek to Mikes


PCT Day 6. To Warner Springs, m109

PCT Day 5, Julian, to 3rd Gate Cache

PCT Day 4, close to Scissors Crossing

PCT day 3, past Mt Laguna to m54

PCT Day 2, to Fred Canyon

PCT day 1, Campo to Lake Morena. 20 miles

Final final repack

PCT waypoints on Garmin

Food: sorted

Odds and ends from the to-do list

One week to go

Bear canister with food

T minus 14 days

Packing things up

Blogging While Hiking

Bought a phone card

PCT Resupply, final rough plan

Swapped my tent today

Moving My PCT Start Date to March 17th

The Big 3: Then vs Now

PCT Section A jurisdictions

A hike in Joshua Tree

Fitness Today

Broadbrush PCT Planning

Rosemary nut recipe

Snow camp: what gear worked?

PCT Permit applied for, plus PF :-(

Eastern Sierra Transit

Snow Camp Day 3

Snow Camp Day 2

Snow Camp Day 1

Off to Tahoe

Met up with James


PCT worries, take 1

Resupply in the Sierras

The overall plan

Anxious about the snow and cold next week

A decent day hiking around San Miguel Mountain

The Three First Questions for PCT Hiking

Not using a date in a post's metadata or filename

My super title (second post)

Messing around with path metadata

First Post!

Path or explicit metadata--which takes precedence?

Minimal metadata

Friday 31 May 2002: Rockhampton to Eungella, Queensland

Cactus Jack's, Rockhampton, Queensland

Sun 26 May 2002: Mitchell to Longreach, Queensland

Odometer 99000km, 46km east of Isisford, Queensland

Bad German Pizzeria Music

Sat 25 May: Roma to Mitchell, Queensland, via the Mt Moffat section of Carnarvon National Park

24 May: Bunya Mountains to Roma, Queensland

Hiking in the Bunya Mountains


Blood Sucker

Binna Burra to Brisbane to Surfers


Are we over it?


Lismore NSW to Brisbane, QUEENSLAND

Rafting on the Nymboida River, northern NSW

Nouméa, New Caledonia

Around 'Le Grand Sud of Grand Terra', east and south of Nouméa, New Caledonia

Nouméa, New Caledonia


A long day's driving tour around New Caledonia

Nouméa, New Caledonia, including Parc Provincal de la Rivière Bleue and the Tjibaou Cultural Center

Nouméa, New Caledonia

Sydney, NSW, Australia to Nouméa, New Caledonia

Submit to Probing. Double Secret Probation This Weekend.

Pictures from Canberra

Canberra, the next day

Tired Phrase


Invisible sizzle.

Wilsons Prom

How many oceans are there?

Great Ocean Road

Muzak Non Stop

Why I don't like Indian food.

More Pictures


Boy flower/girl flowers?

Haircut 2002

Odometer Log

Melbourne is just like...

Just for reference...

Fast and slick

Things to do in Melbourne when you're dead tired.

We don't care... we don't have to!

Mexican food report

Why not Mexican food for dinner?


Strahan, Tasmania

Oatlands to Strahan, Tasmania

Sunny Hobart

New Caledonia in a month

Very Random Notes

Cute Little Devils

Carnal Pleasure

Bob the Mole

She'll be alright, mate

How to speak like an Aussie in two easy steps

In Launceston


The Three R's

Fox alert



Aussie Alps Pics

Today's festivities

Odd Sayings

Sydney Leather

Food galore



In Threadbo

On Sydney

4WD Day


Cars I've owned


Is this a movie?

Loma Prieta