A late morning bus to the train to the bus to the bus to the Barrage du Dixence... we slowly made our way around Leukerbad, taking lots of pictures, feeding the cute bunnies. No real hurry.

We made it to the dam around 1, and took the gondola to the top of the dam... and started walking.

I was weirdly worried that the trail along the lake would be up-and-down, the topo apps and maps didn’t really show that the trail was in a tunnel, so it was wonderfully level for two hours, pushing back into the mountains, getting more and more austere. We were well above treeline, and the color of the landscape and the light reminded us both of New Zealand’s South Island, a silvery light on a golden bronze landscape. There were plenty of wildflowers along the way to stare at, and cows, and we were just really enjoying the day.

At the end of the lake, we paused for chocolate (why are we hauling kilos of chocolate? Oh yeah it’s tasty Swiss chocolate) and then did the last ascent up the remains of the glacier to the Cabane Du Dix, where we shared a bunkroom with a couple from Calgary and a Spaniard from Lausanne.

The cabane itself is set on a rocky promontory facing the glaciers. A fantastic setting, and in between cloud breaks from the ‘fog’ blowing up from the lake, we spotted our way across to tomorrow’s hike, and plotted our way across the glacier.

Dinner was tasty, rice and beef, and we slept well. Oh, and did I mention the beer menu? Cabane du Dix really likes beer. Try one next time you’re up there.