A weekend getaway to Coorg, west of Bangalore in the lush green Western Ghats

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Hampi, Part 1

A fantastic day seeing the incredible rock city of Hampi in northwest Karnakata, India

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The Nonveg Function

Today was enjoyable and a bit random: Julian are I were invited to a wedding function! Of course, how could I say no?

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Kepler Track

An OK time, let down a bit by the chilly freezing weather, the fog, with more than a few annoying characters too. My least favorite of the four tracks this trip.

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GR20 Day 12

A long and hot day; I cut it short when I see a spectacular mountain ridge.

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GR20 Day 11

A bright shiny day scares the grumpies away! Except for the tedious ridgeline, a good long day.

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GR20 Day 9

Back on the GR20 today--a half day from Vizzanova on the sourthern section of the GR20.

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GR20 Hiatus

Four days of relaxation at a villa by the sea, and a couple of road trips to the rugged northwest coast of Corsica and a visit to Bonifacio.

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GR20 Day 8

I wanted a nice relaxing day, so I pushed it hard and combined two day's walking into one.

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GR20 Day 7

The tough day wasn't quite all that, and we enjoyed walking along the ridgeline in perfectly fine weather and the fantastic views.

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River walk, canopy walk

A lazy day, yet full of things to do: a walk up a river to a waterfall, a walk along the treetops high above the ground. And butterflies.

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Deer Cave, Mulu NP

We're ready for adventure. Today is a visit to Deer Cave, which has the largest cave room in the world.

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We head off past the typhoon to Kota Kinabalu, then onwards to wonderful Mulu National Park on the north of the island of Borneo.

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Perito Moreno Glacier

Today, our last real full day in Patagonia, is a biggie: we're doing a guided 4km hike on top of Perito Moreno Glacier. It was really unexpectedly excellent, and not just pretty good. The weather was clear and warm, the scenery great, and most of all walking on top of the glacier was unlike any place I'd been before.

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To Calafate

A travel day from El Chaltén back to El Calafate. Walking in the morning, cake and coffee, bus ride, dinnner.

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Cerro Torre

Another great hike today--this time it was from our B&B to Lago Torre, an easy 18km out-and-back to the lake at the foot of Torre Glacier, with the spire of Cerro Torre rising behind. The weather was sunny and warm, the wind subsided, and the trail was fast and flat--and uncrowded!

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Hike to Fitz Roy

A wonderful day with a long hike to the Laguna de Los Tres, just below the spectacular Monte Fitz Roy.

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To Refugio Cuernos

Today we decide not to hike up the French Valley with the crowds, but just to have a leisurely day walking the 14km/9 miles to our cabin at Refugio Curenos.

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To Paine Grande

Today was the start of some easy days--an 11km stroll down to Paine Grande was on the agenda, and the weather held. It was also the first section of the W circuit, which meant people people people, irritating and entertaining.

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Really to Torres del Paine

Hello, Patagonia. We sleep in and bus-bus-shuttle to Torres del Paine. It's strongly different than the last time, so many more people, it's not any secret anymore.

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To Punta Arenas

Long travel days from San Diego to Punta Arenas to start a couple of weeks of travel around the end of the world.

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Hiked around chilly Chiricahua National Monument in southern Arizona. A good day.

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On Sydney

Just had an odd thought: how would I describe Sydney to someone who's never been? Here are some bullet points, somewhere there should be some cohesive threads. Or maybe not.

First, Sydney looks like a North American city.

Topographically, it's most reminiscent of Seattle, or perhaps Vancouver. Not San Francisco; while Sydney sits on a harbor like SF it doesn't have the huge inclines that San Francisco has--it has more moderate hills, and none of them are very large like Twin Peaks, or offer the sweeping views you often get in San Francisco. The many inlets of ...

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4WD Day

We had a wonderful time today outside of Sydney in the Blue Mountains west of the city. We signed up for a day long 4WD tour--so that we could tag along and get familiar with our car. It was great fun!

Pictures here!


I'm really surprised at how cheap things are here. Everyone back in North America is interested in 'how expensive is it over there?'

Here's a sampling of a few rates... all in US dollars.
- Car rental for a day, Toyota Camry: $35 (incl tax and gas)
- Haircut and beard trim: $7
- Our one bedroom suite apartment in central Sydney: $75 per night
- Valet parking, with in-and-out privledges, per day: $8.50
- 750ml bottle of beer (24oz): $1.75
- Motel room, outside of Sydney: $20 - $30 US
- Big Mac: $1.50, though you can easily find coupons for 2 ...

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Cars I've owned

In order of ownership, and date purchased.
High school: 1972 Plymouth Scamp (1980) Too powerful for a 16 year old. college car 1: 1980 Chevy Citation (1984). Too dangerous for a Domino's delivery boy (me)... I crashed it.
college car 2: 1979 Subaru station wagon (1985). Biggest defect: wouldn't die
first real car: 1987 Acura Integra (1987) Not suited to off-road travel as I found
next car: 1988 Nissan Pathfinder (1990). Not suited for San Francisco.
next car: None for six months.
next car: 1990 Nissan Pathfinder (1992). Biggest defect: wouldn't die.
next car: 2000 Nissan Xterra ...

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Landed at 8. Got to hotel at 10. Hotel room is tatty. Hm. Chris thinks about sleeping, but decides against.

Out the door by 10:30am.

By 2pm, we have a mailbox, a bank account, a mobile phone, health insurance, motorist club membership, and some sushi for lunch (A$6.40 for six rolls and six sashimi.)

By 8pm, we have Internet dialup access... and one pack of Special Limited Edition Arnott's Tim Tam Hazelnut Praline. :-)