Chris figured out that we could walk from our hotel in Zermatt to this odd underground funicular called the Sonnegga... and then at the top of the railway walk on a more-or-less level path to the Europabruecke, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world at 494m long.

So with the weather forecast of 25C, we did... and we saw chamois and edelweiss and glaciers and of course the Matterhorn. A great day; here are the pictures.

The edelweiss surprised me, growing on a south-facing, very dry slope.

The bridge wasn’t particularly bouncy or anything, though I really did not want to look down or across to the ravine. It was also weirdly uphill (we went south to north), so it was a bit of a climb at the end, made worse by day-trippers up from Randa who got oh-so-tired and just trudged along very very slowly, not letting us pass.