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Yep, that's it. Dissected and splayed like a high school biology class frog. I pulled out each of the stuff sacks down the long edge of the table, then pulled out their contents horizontally across the table--it's a handy handy little hierarchical method of inspecting everything that some visiting Scoutmaster taught me at Camp Whitsett decades ago.

I'm a bit sick of looking at it all though. Yep, it all looks good, and scanning down the spreadsheet packing list everything's all there, except for glasses and contacts, and I'm pretty exhausted after chasing after dozens of little details. I tidied up the garage and back patio to actually take a break a bit from deciding to take this or that pair of nail clippers, and wondering if two or four Clif bars a day are enough. I'll figure it out later.

The backpack actually looks pretty with all its organs on display.

Not much else to do but take an Allegra (seasonal allergies arrived for me today!), check the weather briefly (not as hot as the past weeken, hiking temperatures in the 60s for Tuesday and Wednesday, cloudy and some sprinkles on Thursday; weekend down in Anza Borrego highs in the upper 70s. Real benign weather, nothing on the horizon.