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... Chicago, with a little bit of London, and some parts of Toronto, and a twist here and there of Brooklyn, and a small slice of Sacramento, and a dash of Spokane.

Screw it. Melbourne is like Melbourne.

And on that note, Sydney is like Sydney--it's not 'the San Francisco of the South Pacific' like so many Americans like to think. Sydney would have to be a lot filthier and get a lot more homeless to look like San Francisco--you just don't hear the San Francisco greeting 'Spare change?' in Sydney!


April 7 2002, 23:33:56

sydney to new york, and
melbourne to boston

April 8 2002, 14:13:39

Well, you're from back East, right? Me, as a native Californian, I don't see the connection at all... but that may be partially because I've only ever seen NYC and Boston in early winter or spring, never when the weather's been better...