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Got my PCT permit today, yay... applied for it last Wednesday. Now it's getting a bit more serious, so I wanted to get a real rough estimate for where I'll be at during the summer. Craig's has been a great help.

Rather than start at Kennedy Meadows, I'll use Independence as the starting point for the Sierras--it's a good entry/exit point, and the last logical resupply stop. I dialed in a 2.5 mph hiking pace, and a 10.5 hour hiking day, and add 60 minutes for every 1000 feet of elevation climb.

This spits out this rough outline, though north of Tahoe I haven't scheduled many rest days at all--just one around Belden and another in Ashland. I do want to slow down through the spectacular Sierra scenery, so I'm going conservative at first as well.

  • Jun 6, Tuolumne Meadows
  • Jun 16, South Lake Tahoe
  • Jul 1, Burney Falls State Park
  • Jul 18, Ashland (Oregon)
  • Jul 23,Crater Lake
  • Jul 30, Sisters
  • Aug 5, Timberline Lodge/Mt Hood
  • Aug 15, White Pass/Highway 12 (Washington)
  • Aug 19, Snoqualmie Pass
  • Aug 23, Skykomish
  • Aug 29, Stehekin
  • Sep 2, Manning Park, BC

That's certainly a good rough guide for the summer. My mileage will vary!