Decided it was a bright sunny morning, almost too warm, and that it's time to do a short slow run. I haven't felt the PF for a few days now--maybe Sunday, when I felt one brief not-quite-sharp pain--so I figured it's time to see what's up.

To give myself a slight bit more support, I shoved the Superfeet Copper (I detached the hard plastic heelcup) in my Hoka Stinson Lites, and did the 4 1/2 mile run down Florida Canyon and back... I was slow, and my leg muscles ached during the run, but I never got out of breath. I'd sum the run up as "a typical run when I haven't run for a week." The only oddity was a numb little spot on the back outer bit of my left heel, don't know what's up with that but I've had it before.

I also maybe found another factor--the way I sleep. When I'm on my left side, I oddly rotate my foot, so the top of the foot is on the sheet. It's almost as if my foot were pointing straight down, like a ballerina pose. I think that might make the plantar fascia contract a lot during the night... which supposedly isn't good, so I've got a little night boot to prevent me from doing that for the next few nights. Maybe it'll help, maybe it won't.

The annoying thing about all of this is that it's such a gradual onset, and it goes away so slowly... it's hard to pin down what caused it or what cures it. I'm just going to assume it was the hard boots and snowshoeing and leave it at that.

I'll take tomorrow off from running. And I've been wearing shoes in the house, and not tucking my feet under me when I sit at the desk... or just raising the desk to standing height, which I like.

Not much else other news to report. I still haven't figured out my food and resupply strategy... but I have 46 days to work on that.