Here it is.

In PDF format: PCT Final Gear list

Hmph, now that it's all tallied up I don't like that my base weight (weight without food, water, and fuel) approaches 20 pounds. I ended up being a bit over-prepared, but I was fairly comfortable on the trail.

Note also that this includes sectional adjustments: in southern California, I carried a lot of water as there were many dry stretches, and in the Sierra I carried a bear canister as mandated by Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks. The Sierra also makes you carry more food, as there's a long stretch without resupply.

Weights are in grams, because integers are easier than decimals: it was easier to add 49 + 125, rather than 1.7 and 4.4, and prevented myself from silly emotional attachment to various items, saying things like "I'd save 0.2 ounces if I went with the shorter iPhone cable than the longer one!"

I took too many gadgets, but don't regret it. Many nights I camped alone, as there was no one else on the trail. Especially in the first (and limited sunlight!) days having an actual keyboard to type out blog entries help fend off the loneliness. It was also great not to worry about running out of battery power for the phone or camera or GPS; I could take as many pictures as I like.