In order of ownership, and date purchased.

  • High school: 1972 Plymouth Scamp (1980) Too powerful for a 16 year old.
  • college car 1: 1980 Chevy Citation (1984). Too dangerous for a Domino's delivery boy (me)... I crashed it.
  • college car 2: 1979 Subaru station wagon (1985). Biggest defect: wouldn't die
  • first real car: 1987 Acura Integra (1987) Not suited to off-road travel as I found
  • next car: 1988 Nissan Pathfinder (1990). Not suited for San Francisco.
  • next car: None for six months.
  • next car: 1990 Nissan Pathfinder (1992). Biggest defect: wouldn't die.
  • next car: 2000 Nissan Xterra (2001). Just wasn't quite there. Guzzled gas.
  • newest car: 1995 Toyota Landcruiser (2002). Purchsed Windsor, NSW, Australia.

Biggest problem: nothing!

It's a diesel 5 speed. Now to get the second battery, additional road lights, and a second spare tire. Or is that tyre??? ;-)


February 7 2002, 23:04:25

damm, I work 5 mins from Windsor! If I had known we could have met up!!

February 7 2002, 23:57:06

Well... drat! We'll be out that way again soon. Send me your current email address--for some reason, I don't have it in my address book. hugs I'm or

February 8 2002, 07:13:33

What do you mean that a DEFECT is that the Pathfinder wouldn DIE? :) JMP

February 8 2002, 12:36:26

Actually not a defect at all... it prevented me blowing yet more $$$ on a new car.

Biggest 'defect' was that it was manual... so it wasn't fun to drive during the traffic jams of 1999 and 2000 during the Silicon Valley gold rush. :-)

February 8 2002, 09:02:32

mmmmmmmmmmm Domino's delivery boy, oh the fantasies :o)

February 8 2002, 12:44:44

I tell you, fuck this leather shit, I'm living in Polyester 24/7. Just keep flames and sparks away from my clothing, please.

February 8 2002, 12:50:31

mmmmmmmmmmmmm polyester Domino's delivery boy, oh the fantasies :o)