Date Tags hiking / pct
  • Date: Tuesday June 9, 2015
  • Miles hiked: xx.yy PCT miles
  • Miles covered: 977.18 to 999.80 PCT
  • Weather Report: Low 46, High 75. sunny in the morn, cool cloudy in pm.
  • Wildlife seen: Mosquitos, a marmot
  • Mood of the day: Curious

Woo hoo. I've been feeling the trail rhythm today. Not much to write about. the morning was an up-and-over, then another. The wildflowers were out, the skies were gray and cloudy and cool.

I stopped for lunch at Wilma Lake, then headed up and along Fall Creek for many miles, dodging mud puddles.

My goal was Dorothy Lake, but when I arrived it was misty and windy and cold, so I left Yosemite and went onwards... but there weren't many campsites.

Eventually I found a marginal campsite next to a murky pond around 8pm. Good enough for the night.

In some ways I'm glad to be done with this section. I hadn't heard much about northern Yosemite, except that it was buggy. Yep, that's true... and the trail is a bit rugged and muddy too. It was interesting to see, but I'm also eager to move on.