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Woke up about 7:15. Started the computer. Wondered why I wasn't getting stock quotes on My Yahoo. Grrr... couldn't load, or Must be yet another DNS issue or something.

Mom calls at 7:40. Says someone flew an airplane into the World Trade Center, and the building's collapsed. Oh, and someone's flew a plane into the Petnagon. OK, at this point I'm thinking "Hm, two small light planes"... like that small plane in the old King Kong movie.

Turn on the TV, watch CNN, then MSNBC. Oh my, it is real. And it does seem like a movie. How many dead? I'm doing a body count, 20,000, maybe more? But I'm not feeling anything. Just going through the numbers. It does not seem real.

I tell Chris, he's asleep, he says, uh, yeah, right. We lumber into the living room, still kinda groggy, but rapidly waking up. I don't feel like I need coffee this morning, but I have three cups. Mom calls back, I chat with some folks online.

Watching a bit more. Thinking odd thoughts, many of them (ashamedly) selfish. Who's going to design the memorial? Guess that last scene in AI isn't accurate anymore. Will the stock markets open later in the week? What about my planned trip to Mexico City tomorrow? Those were large planes, what airline? How many more bombings will happen today? What about next week?

Do we start the bombing in Afghanistan right away, or wait? Where's George Bush. Being scurried out of the way, no doubt. Airplanes are grounded around the country, in Canada... border with Mexico closed.

Should I go into work? Why not? I have a cable TV in my office. This is one of those days, like the Challenger explosion, that you remember where you were when you heard the news.