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Odd sayings and pronunciation

"She didn't twig it was for her" means "She didn't think it was for her"
"Get yer gear on" means "get your shirt/other clothing on"
Unprecedented is "un-pree-sa-dented"
"Chook" means "chicken", and is used often
Filet (as in chook filet) is pronunced "fill-it"
"Truck" means "truck"... it's not a lorry
"Spanner" means "wrench"
"Smash experts" means "auto-repair shop"

I think I'll collect more over the next week.


February 24 2002, 17:44:20

Twig is more like "realise", as in, "She didn't realise it was for her."

But very good otherwise.

February 24 2002, 18:02:10

after six months i was still picking up new stuff ...

February 24 2002, 20:35:27

I am sooooooooo jealous!

February 24 2002, 22:05:17

Trying to imagine if "marmot" would sound any different...

Confession: I have a weakness for Aussie accents and speech patterns. Coming from an Aussie guy, even a simple "g'day" comes across as cute and endearing -- even when the speaker isn't. Hopefully you're not as easily led astray!