We had a wonderful time today outside of Sydney in the Blue Mountains west of the city. We signed up for a day long 4WD tour--so that we could tag along and get familiar with our car. It was great fun!

Pictures here!


February 10 2002, 09:46:50

The pictures look great!! The course sounded like a lot of fun.

Did you guys come close to rolling your Landcruiser? Can we give her a nickname? I'm thinking of Ulala since the first three letters of your plate are ULA. ;)

February 10 2002, 10:36:37

Or if it bounces pretty well, how about Ula-roo? :o)

February 10 2002, 12:15:39

Yeah, she does deserve a nickname, but not Ulala! :)

The Bears in the Big Blue Truck came to mind as did simply Big Blue (a reference to a Severed Heads song, that).

February 10 2002, 13:32:10

Sounds good to me. :)

February 11 2002, 05:07:31


Except no one in Australia will get the reference (with the exception of Snow, whom I don't think you've had the pleasure of meeting...)