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Hmpfh. Facebook continues to inspire both a bit of disappointment (you can't ever keep up with your friends) and a bit of envy (you can't ever keep up with your friends).

Today Chris and I got up and leisurely had coffee and thought about walking... and finally got everything together around 10 and headed out the door. We wanted to go somewhere new, somewhere different, so Mt San Miguel (or maybe San Miguel Mountain?) in eastern Chula Vista worked. 2000 feet of elevation gain, really hot in summer but should be comfy on a cloud and cool day like today.

It ended up being a lot more sunny that we thought, which was fine--and the uncrowded trail really wasn't. It was full with all sorts of enthusiasts, dropping tissues and trash, and playing crappy music out of tinny speakers. I would describe in a trail review as "Dumpy, eroded, littered trail crowded with walkers playing annoying tunes on personal speakers, underneath the final approach path to the airport. Good for a workout and views, poor for improving your opinion of humanity."

That opinion was changed pretty rapidly, though, after a really decent margarita at Venga Venga in Otay Ranch Center. We wolfed down our burritos and enchiladas really quickly; we were starving! Then off to exchange some stuff at REI, and we scooted home.

A good day, actually.