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Yes, I've stood on the highest point in Australia, at 2228m tall. Whooo hoo!

Now only six continents to go, ha ha ha.

Feel good and achy. It was a 12km walk to the top; we took the ski lift chairs, then hiked up from there. Lots and lots of wildflowers, and copper skinks, and biting flies. Yuck!

Now enjoying a Toohey's Dark and watching Neville try to catch moths on the balcony; with the curtains closed for the sunlight it looks like some silly Japanese shadow puppetry.


February 19 2002, 04:32:40

Its a long way to the top, but its a nice feeling...
Was there much snow/ice on the way up?
Glad you got to see some flowers.
I think I warned you about the flies, and the sun!

February 19 2002, 14:40:23

No, there was just a little patch of ice below the summit, not much more than maybe 200m long and 23m wide.

It's in the pictures... once I finish them, I'll post them!