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Going to New Caledonia for a week in late April.

Gotta leave the country (for visa reasons) every six months... this was the cheapest option, as all the good deals to Bali were all taken up since it's school holidays in New South Wales... and with our road trips to Cape York and the Kimberly, it'd be rough to do it in May or June.

We want to see Bali anyway; figure we'll do that in October from Perth. For some curious reason, it's cheaper to fly to Bali from Perth than it is from Sydney or anywhere else in the country (with the possible exception of Darwin.)


March 24 2002, 00:17:10

Do you need contacts in New Calendonia? I've got a local bear there that would be happy to catch up.

March 24 2002, 00:53:59

Sure! Always good to get to know the locals!