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Sunday, truth be told, was dull: three loads of laundry, all line-dried in the sun. Some weeding in the backyard, with the occasional every-five-minutes cough from one of the backyard neighbors; I wondered if she had hayfever like I do or if it was something more catching. A bit of garage tidying: pulling nails out of pre-WWII lumber stashed under the house, big beefy studs, old-growth Douglas Fir from Grants Pass from the lumber mill stamps and the growth rings, they need to be honored rather than disposed of. Slowly repopulated the big red rolling Craftsman toolchests with far too many drill bits and screws pulled from Home Depot moving boxes--am I really going to do any more motorcycle maintenance?

Wrapped it up with an awful movie, "Hardcore" with George C Scott as a warped Calvinist looking for his runaway daughter in 1977 Hollywood. Worth seeing for the non-Disney approved pole dancers at Les Girls working each other over with Darth Vader masks and light sabers. Yeah, Les Girls is over near the Sports Arena Home Depot a couple of miles away, and not in Hollywood, but movie locations are always flexible.

Today, well, a work day. Chatted with the Spainiard in post-Europe KCI at 7, did some actual work most of the day, and 3 1/2 hours of status and planning meetings, presenting "I'm online and I care" status icons to the seven-layer burrito of middle management at Current Gig. Blocked off sections of time to take care of myself--brekkie, a run, lunch.

Took time for a tweet.

Imagine a happytime salesman leading a wartime effort, someone who's failed in many many enterprises: hotels! golf! football! airlines! casinos! steaks! vodka! Kinda scary isn't it?

The run was just kinda sorta like Saturday but with less people. Parking lots around Balboa Park weren't closed off, but a couple of brave 20-somethings were doubled-up on a Lyft scooter, ewww, germs is all I thought. Can't the public health department cease-and-desist all scooters? Sharing a scooter now is like sharing a heroin needle, except not as fun.

Chris had asked me to count the number of poeple in the park to see if walking would be palatable, I counted nine down the Prado from the upper fountain near the Natural History Museum to the plaza in front of the Art Musuem. Ran around the old cactus garden and enjoyed the orange banksia blooming, down through the canyon. Nothing much going on, except construction at the Mingei museum and the children's zoo, like Saturday.

Back home, read some news, the flailing failing creature in the White House is angry as per usual, saying lockdowns go too far. Sad! Thought about it, wrote a tweet.

What the White House is saying is it's more important to keep businesses alive than Americans.

Chris is still waffling on going to Costco tomorrow. Ewww, germs is what I'm saying. He can pick up our 70-somthing neighbor's glasses for her. OK, fine? Doesn't she have another pair? Dunno.

I'm feeling pretty calm and all, and know that we have enough food and provisions for three or four weeks at this point, I have zero interest in going out. Cleaning up yesterday, I did realize that there is one change: while I may not be an OCD hand washer, I certainly do have some odd habits about collecting things (uh, SCSI cables back in the day). Lately my weird obsession is cardboard boxes for some reason--they might be useful! Uh, yeah, but really?

I should just get rid of more stuff, but at this point it's not going to be dropped off at Goodwill (eww, germs) so yeah, maybe collecting surplus cardboard boxes Is A Good Thing. Very pragmatic, one might say.