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After a couple of lazy days at home, I'm heading back to pick up the 102 miles I skipped over in early April. I didn't want to do these miles, from mile 342 at Cajon Pass to mile 444 at the Acton KOA, because cold snow wind etc etc... I wrote about it in this blog post on April 5th

I do have a week of time before my other hiking trip that's off the PCT (far off the PCT!), so why not pick up that section? 100 miles is 6 nights at most, and the weather should be fine, maybe some showers on Friday. Chris has offered to drive me up and spend the night at the Best Western Cajon Pass before heading to work tomorrow morning.

So that's the plan. Get it done! I hope this time as well to meet a few other hikers; I've tried to remember every hiker I've seen since I left on March 17th and think I've seen at most 20 other hikers. I'm sure to have more company on this return visit.