Chris and I met up with James last night at Waypoint Public here in North Park. He's another thru-hiker, starting in mid-March just before I do. It was great to compare plans and strategies, particularly around provisions on the trail. While I'm not going to use many resupply boxes, he's going to ship out many, and he's been keeping his dehydrator running it seems for weeks to fill those boxes with tasty treats. Me on the other hand--not so much... I'm going to buy stuff in the stores along the trail, as I don't want many hassles around being in towns during post office opening hours... though I may send some boxes to places that accept them.

Anyways, it felt good to know I'm not quite alone in some of my concerns. I left thinking that I might just be overplanning a little to much as well... and that things will certainly change and adjust once I start walking.