I'm really surprised at how cheap things are here. Everyone back in North America is interested in 'how expensive is it over there?'

Here's a sampling of a few rates... all in US dollars.
- Car rental for a day, Toyota Camry: $35 (incl tax and gas)
- Haircut and beard trim: $7
- Our one bedroom suite apartment in central Sydney: $75 per night
- Valet parking, with in-and-out privledges, per day: $8.50
- 750ml bottle of beer (24oz): $1.75
- Motel room, outside of Sydney: $20 - $30 US
- Big Mac: $1.50, though you can easily find coupons for 2 ...

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Landed at 8. Got to hotel at 10. Hotel room is tatty. Hm. Chris thinks about sleeping, but decides against.

Out the door by 10:30am.

By 2pm, we have a mailbox, a bank account, a mobile phone, health insurance, motorist club membership, and some sushi for lunch (A$6.40 for six rolls and six sashimi.)

By 8pm, we have Internet dialup access... and one pack of Special Limited Edition Arnott's Tim Tam Hazelnut Praline. :-)

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