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Hm. We've been in Surfer's Paradise, Queensland, for six hours.

And frankly, we're over it. It's a quiet time of year--we're between school holidays, so there are few Australians here, and apparently (by asking service staff) between the Chinese and Japanese tour groups, but before the Arab and Russian visitors.

So. We're wondering what's to do here. Shopping at Hermes and Versace? Maybe we'll just check out tomorrow morning, wander down to the beach to take some pictures, then head into Brisbane for the Brisbears bar night. I kinda like Brisbane, and want to see more...


May 19 2002, 09:18:31

Hence the reason why I didn't go to Gold Coast after heading to the Sunshine Coast. GRIN I wanted to spend more time in Brisbane which I think is a gem of a city.