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Went shopping today. After a quick check of mail, the first stop was the Virgin store, for Chris' mobile phone.

Second was Gowing's. Oh, my, this is the store for guys. It's guy stuff, just stuffed with stuff. If guys could do department stores, this would be it. Clothing, and adventure books, and gadgets, and camping gear, and etc etc etc. It's like Men's Health magazine come to life (without the Chivas ads). "All the gear you need to raft down the Amazon in drip-dry style, and still enjoy a cuppa tea in the morn and a semi-fancypants dinner."

Then Katmandu, an outdoors 'outfitting' store, vaguely like a softcore REI or EMS. Sadly, they've switched to fleece mode. What the hell? It's late summer, temps are pushing 30c every day with humidity to match. Who wants to buy a fleece jacket in these steamy subtropical climes?

Brought food back to the room, and relaxed before heading to Obelisk Beach at 3:30. Yes, one of Those Beaches. It's on the Middle Head. Nice sand! Warm water! Thought the sun was setting behind the beach, so it was a bit oddly lit, heh heh. I amused myself on the nature trails. So much going on in the Australian bush!

Came back, did a quick yummy dinner in the apartment, then out to the Bear Bust at the Beresford. Quite fun, socially, met quite a few interesting folks. Now back home, and getting sleepy! yawn Trying to stay out later and later; Mardi Gras party is only four nights away! Will I see the sun rise after the night is over???


February 26 2002, 13:06:22

Yeah, Gowings is a dangerous place to be. Think early 20th century oxford cloth boxer shorts with tiny buttons (don't think Don Ho, but I digress).

As for the Beresford, I guess I'm just socially retarded. I didn't have anything approaching fun. Crowded, smoky, weird looking men, and zero in the way of conversation. Was it something I said?

February 26 2002, 14:37:46

no wonder I stay at home and dont go to bear night :-)

February 26 2002, 17:20:26

"it's my shout" usually makes you friends pretty quickly :)