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Stayed in ~~Epcot South~~ Canberra today. I liked it--a weird mix of Soviet and DisneyWorld.

Off to the Bear's Night in a few minutes! What am I doing online?


February 22 2002, 07:09:30

Well if that is 9:30pm Friday, Bears night really doesn't get started until 10:30pm from what I hear. ;)

My mate, Grace, from work should have arrived in Sydney. She's going to be there for Mardi Gras. I told her to make a fool of herself when the bears go by, cheering, etc. ;)

February 22 2002, 10:25:03

a weird mix of Soviet and DisneyWorld.

Anyhow- have fun!

February 22 2002, 23:05:51

For example, compare the Epcot entrance complex with the "city gates" of Chisinau, Moldova. I'm dead serious; Canberra really does look in large part like a planned Soviet city, right down to the lawns everywhere (OK, they're not as dead as Tbilisi but you get the point) and the enormous ten lane boulevards with huge empty spaces between the opposing directions of traffic.